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Kenya to host The 14th East African Community Jua Kali/ NguvuKazi MSEs Exhibition

Kenya will host the East African Community 14thJua Kali (MSEs) Regional Exhibition between 1st and 8th December, 2013 at the KICC COMESA Grounds.

At the 1st EAC Jua Kali/ NguvuKazi Steering Committee meeting held on the 14th August 2013 in Nairobi, the Committee resolved that the participation of the Exhibitors shall  be distributed as follows:

Serial Number

Partner State

Number of Exhibitors














The United Republic of Tanzania


In the meeting attended by representatives from the five Partner States (Ministries Responsible for the MSE Sector), EAC Secretariat and CISO- East Africa Partner States Chairmen, it was agreed that a total of 1070 Exhibitors will showcase their products. These exhibitors will be drawn from all the five East African Partner States.

It is expected that the EAC Partner States shall constitute Country Organizing Committee to spearhead the preparations.

The members of EAC Steering Committee on the preparations of the 14th EAC Jua Kali/ NguvuKazi Exhibition paid a courtesy call to the Principle Secretary, Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development on 23rd August 2013 at the Ministry’s Board Room.

The main purpose of the courtesy call was to:introduce the members of the EAC Steering Committee on the preparations of the 14th EAC Jua Kali/ NguvuKazi Exhibition; inform him that Kenya will be hosting the exhibition, and brief him on the outcome of the 1st EAC Steering Committee Meeting on the preparations of the exhibition

The Principal Secretary informed the meeting that the exhibition will be one of the curtain raisers for the Jubilee Celebrations on the 50th year Anniversary since Kenya gained its independence.

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